consulenza progettuale rekord per le falegnamerie

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We give form to your ideas

Internal to the company is Rekord Engineering, a team of qualified and highly specialized people who are at your side when defining the production cycle, dimensioning the lines and choosing the most suitable tools for making the desired frame.

The starting point is always your needs, analyzed and developed from both technical and commercial standpoints. A feasibility study is always defined then on the basis of the identified objectives. This translates into a concrete, controlled and shared project.

The next steps are the supply of the selected components, support for installing and testing them, and training the operating personnel in order to guarantee the maximum efficiency in the shortest time possible.

In others words, Rekord, thanks to its great experience and the know-how developed, offers you a customized solution, just like a tailor-made suit, making all the information and data gathered available to you, in a framework of absolute transparency and confidentiality.

Contact us and discover how Rekord Engineering can reinforce your market.