sistema topfix aspetti tecnici di rekord

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Topfix, technical features

The profiled and self-positioned HW knives make it possible to obtain wooden profiles using a single shaped knife instead of scribing tips, radius knives and any other tool.

Every Topfix tool complies with European EN 847-1 standards and can be used on automatic machines with mechanical, manual and CNC feed with ISO assembly.


HW knives are profiled and self-positioned axially and diametrically

The special profiled wedges copy the whole perimeter of the knife profile perfectly

The tool is assembled by means of a special hub with screws and separator-spacers in a single piece are used.

Cutting at a high axial angle eliminates the imperfections caused by the tools with standard straight knives

The smaller number and type of inserts means shorter changing times and easier management of spares

The back-fixing system for the wedges simplifies and speeds up knife changes

The knife surface is finished with a special lapping treatment

Changing the knives with the tool mounted on the machine facilitates maintenance operations

Faster feed (+20 - 40%), greater productivity and lower cutting effort