fresa Topfix di rekord

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Topfix, the hi-tech tool

Optimum surface finish, longer life for the knives – managed more easily – reduction of costs and increased productivity are the advantages offered by tools in the TopFix series. Thanks to the TopFix system the manufacturers of wooden door and window frames can give their customers the quality they have always sought. Let's look at the features of TopFix in detail.

Higher quality finish

HW knives are profiled and self-positioned axially and diametrically, just like the wedges which perfectly copy the profile of the entire perimeter of the knife. Cutting with a high axial angle eliminates any imperfection, for a surface finish that renders sanding unnecessary.

More productivity and greater savings

Thanks to its features, TOPFIX can increase productivity by up to 35% by increasing the cutting and feed speeds. The result? Lower production costs, higher work quality. The TopFix tool is characterized by great simplicity of use, requiring fewer knives and fewer insert types. This simplification translates into lower running and changing costs.

Simplified management of the knives and less maintenance

The knives and accessories can be changed simply on board the machine in complete safety and very quickly. In practical terms you get a 75% reduction of maintenance times compared with the average measured using tools of different design.


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