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Esperia 92, features of excellence

Esperia 92 is a top-end frame intended for those who wish to distinguish themselves and work in what is a niche market today, but one in constant growth.

Esperia 92 meets the requirements of the PassivHaus model and of the highest class of the KlimaHaus project, the Gold class which identifies houses with an energy need below 10 kWh/m2a, known as "1-litre" houses.

Thanks to the triple stratified low-emission glazing, Esperia 92 makes it possible to obtain heat transmission Uw of 0.77 W/m2K.

Esperia 92 protects the calm of home environments by reducing noise pollution by 80% compared with a window with single glazing and guarantees greater security thanks to the use of hardware with 13 mm spacing.

The performance picture is completed by the excellent results obtained from a certified body:

  • Class 4 for airtightness (UNI EN 1026 of 2001 and UNI EN 12207 of 2000);
  • Class E1050 for watertightness (UNI EN 1027 of 2001 and UNI EN 12208 of 2000);
  • Class C5 for wind resistance (UNI EN 12211 of 2001 and UNI EN 12210 of 2000).