progetto esperia 69-78 di rekord

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Esperia 69/78, Qualität und Produktivität

Esperia 69/78 satisfies the demands of the market from both quantity and quality points of view. An ideal solution for aiming for large production runs while also respecting the most restrictive requirements imposed by current energy saving regulations.

With low-emission stratified double glazing, Esperia 69/78 frames make it possible to:

  • obtain heat transmission Uw of 1.28 W/m2K, a value which makes it suitable for KlimaHaus class A, i.e. for "3-litre" houses";
  • reduce noise pollution by 80% compared with a window with single glazing and therefore achieve high soundproofing values.

Esperia 68/78 brilliantly passed the tests it was subjected to by an accredited body:

  • Air-tightness: Class 4 (UNI EN 1026 of 2001 and UNI EN 12207 of 2000);
  • Water-tightness: Class E1050 (UNI EN 1027 of 2001 and UNI EN 12208 of 2000);
  • Resistance to the wind: Class C5 (UNI EN 12211 of 2001 and UNI EN 12210 of 2000).