vantaggi progetto esperia di rekord

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Esperia, an offer full of advantages

Adopting the ESPERIA project means:

  • respecting the heat transmission limits imposed by energy efficiency regulations in the building sector, for all the climatic zones Italy has been divided into;
  • improving production standards. At the basis of the Esperia project is a range of Topfix cutters which, because of their characteristics, can increase productivity by 35% by raising the cutting and feed speeds;
  • being able to count on the skill and reliability of Rekord Engineering, which will support your company at every stage: from the definition of the project to the supply of the tools, from the pre-testing of the window to after-sales support and maintenance;
  • offer your customers the possibility of obtaining tax incentives for upgrading their buildings in energy terms.

And that’s not all.

Your customers will be satisfied because:

  • they will enjoy greater wellbeing in their homes thanks to the soundproofing and protection from bad weather guaranteed by the frames in the Esperia project;
  • they will save energy thanks to frames suitable for "1-litre" and "3-litre" houses, thereby reducing heating costs in winter;
  • they will know that they have chosen a natural and ecological frame , which helps to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere;
  • they will have made an advantageous investment , which contributes to improving the energy certification class of the building and therefore its valuation.