progetto Esperia per le falegnamerie di rekord

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Esperia, expands your competitiveness

Inspired by the philosophy of KlimaHaus, of which it is a partner, and by the principles of bio-building, Rekord designed Esperia, a solution capable of meeting the need for more energy-efficient buildings and the desires of consumers who are increasingly attentive to the environments in which they live and work.

Esperia is an integrated project which will help you to:

  • obtain EC Marking more easily;
  • make high-performance wooden door and window frames, especially in terms of insulation and soundproofing;
  • improve production standards and the competitiveness of your company;
  • meet your customers' demands for comfort and energy savings.

Those who choose one or more Esperia solutions, moreover, will receive the exclusive “Esperia Kit”, a useful and precious technical kit.



Discover the advantages for your company and customers